Hearts On Fire Ilaria Lanzoni Recognized As Top Female Designer In The US

Hearts On Fire Ilaria Lanzoni Recognized As Top Female Designer In The US

The September issue of Glamour magazine highlights interesting women behind some of the world’s most exciting brands, and Hearts On Fire Director of Design Ilaria Lanzoni is featured as one of Top Female Designers in the US.

Ilaria takes design inspiration from both her childhood in Italy and the skyline of Boston — the home of Hearts On Fire. When she’s not daydreaming about diamonds — and who doesn’t? — she is often obsessing about gelato, while rocking her favorite jumpsuit around NYC.

We’re thrilled that Ilaria has been recognized in this way, and thought this would be an opportune time to highlight some of her most popular Hearts On Fire designs.

Aerial by Hearts On Fire: The Power & Romance Of Nature

How can you truly capture the beauty, spirit and wonder of the world’s atmosphere? With its unique blend of power and strength, yet mystery and charm, capturing the elements of the air and all that it entails is a challenging task. In the Hearts On Fire Aerial Collection, Designer Ilaria Lanzoni has done all of that and more. Aerial is the perfect mix of romance and passion, with beautiful representations of natural atmospheric elements blended seamlessly into elegant and fashion-forward diamond jewelry designs.

Aerial by Hearts On Fire

Copley by Hearts On Fire: Strong, Architectural, Bold

Born from the inspiration Italian designer Ilaria Lanzoni felt during her first few weeks in Boston, the Hearts On Fire Copley Collection was designed to reflect Boston’s historic beauty. Mesmerized by the city’s stunning terraces and European inspired ironwork architecture, the rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in this collection were all designed with a focus on versatility. In fashionable yellow and rose gold metal colors, the jewelry from the Copley Collection will brighten every look and transition effortlessly from day to evening attire.

Copley by Hearts On Fire

Illa by Hearts On Fire: Timeless, Inspirational, Iconic

Illa is the nickname that Designer Ilaria Lanzoni’s closest friends and family use for her. When she arrived in Boston, she was mesmerized by the beauty and sparkle of Hearts On Fire diamonds. The brilliant sense of light and magic reminded her of the constellations and lights of the nighttime sky – something that naturally connected her Italian roots to her new Boston home. The Illa Collection is the result of this great inspiration, and uses the brightest and most sparkling diamonds in the world to bring the world’s stars to life in diamond jewelry.

Illa by Hearts On Fire

Lorelei by Hearts On Fire: Romantic, Chic, Vivacious

The Lorelei Collection by Hearts On Fire is inspired by flowers in bloom, the intricacy of lace, and vibrant bold color. Lorelei has a classic and feminine feel with a modern edge. With pure fluidity of lines, seamlessly integrated into distinctive designs, this new collection truly captures an “of the moment” essence with The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®. Unique features of the collection include scallop edges, lace, floral, hearts, bows, and an overall timelessly feminine feel.

Lorelei by Hearts On Fire

Triplicity by Hearts On Fire: The Power & Energy Of One Of The World’s Most Dynamic Destinations

How can you truly capture the power and energy of some of the world’s most dynamic destinations? Introducing Triplicity, Hearts On Fire’s most modern and edgy collection to date, inspired by New York City. Much like the Chrysler Building stands out in the New York City skyline, these pieces make a woman stand out in the crowd in a modern, edgy, yet timeless and sophisticated way. Even with such a fashionable twist, each design maintains the classic, aspirational feeling that you get from wearing diamond jewelry.

Triplicity by Hearts On Fire

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