Harry Edwards Jewelers Launches Pandora Rose Gold Collection

This spring Harry Edwards Jewelers is excited to announce that the Pandora Rose Gold collection will be available in our Shop-in-Shop locations at both La Place Carenage and Pointe Seraphine. The collection was originally introduced by way of a teaser back in early 2014, available at just ten stores worldwide, for a period of ten days, after which it disappeared from the market, prompting considerable excitement about whether it would ever receive an official release. The collection was then launched in Pandora’s global network of concept stores in late 2014, and is now being introduced to the Caribbean duty-free stores.

Described by Pandora as “luminous beauty expressed in pink”, the Rose Gold collection is a blush of creativity, soft and discreet, providing a delicate feminine touch to any outfit or occasion, and making every day a shade more interesting. The collection consists of a number of charms, a charm bracelet with rose gold clasp, pendants, earrings, and rings, each hand-finished to Pandora’s impeccable standards and carrying not only the regular maker’s mark, but also a subtle “R” stamp. The pieces are fused from a unique blend of copper, silver and other metals, and encased in 14 karat rose gold plating to create a warm and romantic pink colour. At the heart of the Pandora brand is the idea of affordable luxury, and the rose gold collection aims to deliver a high-quality product that marries style with longevity. The complex alloy from which the collection is made has a natural blush hue, but the brand opted to gold plate the pieces to prevent oxidation from occurring.

Historically the popularity of rose gold can be traced back to the 18th century, when European jewelers used it in quatre-couleur gold to fashion decorative inlays. During the early 19th century rose gold found its way into Russian jewelry, and throughout the Victorian era items with a blush hue were linked to love, as it was believed that pink represented romance. Today rose gold is enjoying renewed interest following popular collections from Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels. More discreet than yellow or white gold, rose gold is also flattering to most skin tones, highlighting, or perhaps inducing, a youthful-seeming blush.

For more information on the collection please visit our La Place Carenage or Pointe Seraphine locations, or contact us.